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The Vending Door


The Vending Door is an interactive installation that attempts to playfully exaggerate the human curiosity of peeping things that should remain unshared and to mock individuals who are eager to uncover the secret of others’ lives, often referred to as "privacy enthusiasts."

The inner structure of the door is pure mechanical. On top of the coin entrance is an acrylic lever. It holds a string that will be pulled up when a coin is dropped on the other end of it. When the string is up, the other lever near the peep hole will drop down, creating a gap where the coin will go through. When the coin that blocks the peep hole is gone, the observer can now see through the peep hole. 

The observer has about 10 seconds to see what’s on the other side of the door before the coin they just put in blocks the peep hole again.

The coin will travel down the acrylic path that is designed to prolong the time of the coin dropping while creating an interesting visual where the observer can watch, like a Goldberg machine.  

This is a collaborative project made with Rockey Xiaoyu Ke

Project Demo


Hi, this is Xiao Tan, a New York-based Creative Technologist and Technical Artist. I focus on creating games and interactive experiences with new mediums, including physical computing, alternative controllers, motion tracking, live performance, and VR.

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