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Technical Artist, 
Creative Technologist

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NYC Cliamte Week - Accelerator

Accelerator is an interactive exhibition that prompts players to fight against the climate crisis. Through projection and motion tracking, the game enables players to interact with the virtual world and restore a balanced environment.

Gameplay Demo

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My responsibility includes:

• Created VFX assets for interactable water using Niagara particle system, Fluid Ninja Live, and Oceanography

• Wrote Blueprints that trigger in-game events when motion tracking camera detects players’ movements

• Troubleshot low frame rates issue by scaling down heavy assets and optimizing inefficient Blueprint 

• Operated and maintained ZED camera and N-Display for a smoother user experience during NYC Climate Week event


Hi, this is Xiao Tan, a New York-based Creative Technologist and Technical Artist. I focus on creating games and interactive experiences with new mediums, including physical computing, alternative controllers, motion tracking, live performance, and VR.

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︎tanx2202@gmail.com / @real.xiaoxiao