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Drift bottle

Travelling through an endless ocean like a drift bottle,
all we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.


Drift bottle is a exploration game designed for an exhibition setting.

During the game, the bottle will drift through the wave in days and nights and encounter various weather conditions. The player can grab the glass bottle that we provide in the real world and perform different interactions, like shaking, tilting, and circulating. The results of these interactions are changing wave intensity, sea level, lighting, weather, and the orientation of the bottle itself.

Ultimately, the bottle will approach an island and when the bottle is ashore, the player will be instructed to open the bottle and take out the message inside.

This game is built in Unity

My Responsibilities:

Concept design, environment design, physical controller design, Arduino coding 


Game Mechanics Illustration

Physical Design Concept

Controller Prototypes

in Unity with Serial Connection to Arduino

This test demostrates a water level sensor sending analog data to Unity. As the water is poured into the cup, the sea level rises in the virtual world.

A test of a lightsensor controlling the brightness of the scene

This Test demonstrate the use of rotation value in a gyroscope that controls the roation of the sun in the virtual world 

Hi, this is Xiao Tan, a New York-based Creative Technologist and Technical Artist. I focus on creating games and interactive experiences with new mediums, including physical computing, alternative controllers, motion tracking, live performance, and VR.

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