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Chaotic Clock

A chaos system is a system that the outcome highly depends on its initial input, also known as the butterfly effect. The Chaotic Clock is a project tgat attemtps to visualize the beauty of a chaos system. 

The minute hand of the clock is driven by a stepper motor, which is programmed to behave randomly in terms of its speed, acceleration, and duration. When the minute hand starts to move, the neodynium magnet inside the hand drives the fidget spinners behind to move chaotically.

Magnets on fidget spinners are placed and spaced in a way that they repel with one and another. So that when the hand goes by, each spinner will repel with its nearby spinner and generating unpredictable movements for the whole system.

Hi, this is Xiao Tan, a New York-based Creative Technologist and Technical Artist. I focus on creating games and interactive experiences with new mediums, including physical computing, alternative controllers, motion tracking, live performance, and VR.

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